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The Feminist Student Organization (FSO) is Looking for New Members!

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Build a community outside the classroom with Northeastern University's own Feminist Student Organization! The student group is looking for new members to get involved in discussions about political, economic, and social equality. Learn more by following FSO on Instagram at @fso_nu

The Feminist Student Organization (FSO) is a student group committed to promoting discussion, debate, and action as it relates to feminism and its many intersections in society. FSO is a discussion-based group, which also coordinates community outreach and programming and thrives on diverse opinions and lively discussion. Our meetings are Wednesdays at 7pm via Zoom. If you want to join, click on the blue “join” button on our Engage page! This semester, we’re working on our annual fundraiser event, which will take place over Zoom this year. The event will be a play where students perform their own written monologues about anything related to feminism. Auditions to perform in the play will take place in late February or early March, and the play itself will take place in late March. All proceeds from ticket sales will be going to the local nonprofit, Rosie’s Place.

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