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NU English at CCCC 2018 #4C18

NU English at CCCC 2018 #4C18

Northeastern will be well-represented at the upcoming 2018 CCCC Annual Convention in Kansas City, Missouri. For the full CCCC program, click here. #4C18
We wish you all safe travels, good health, and lively conversations!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

W.04 – The Transformative Laboring and Languaging of International Exchanges about Higher Education Writing Research (9:00 AM)
(Alumni/ae) Christine K. Donahue, speaker

AW.02 – Languaging with Technology in Diverse Settings: Multilingual Writers and the Digital Age (1:30 PM)
Alison Stephens, speaker

AW.07 – Transformative Leadership Development for Community Writing and the Engaged College/University (1:30 PM)
Ellen Cushman, speaker

PS-C – Poster: What Happens In Panels Shouldn’t Stay In Panels: Rethinking Conference Panel Norms (3:15 PM)
Aaron Block, speaker
Kat Gonso, speaker

Thursday, March 15, 2018

A.15 – Justicing Writing Studies: Decoloniality, Counter-Eugenics, and Translingualism for Composition and Assessment (10:30 AM)
Ellen Cushman, speaker

A.46 – Research Methods in Graduate Coursework and Beyond: Challenges, Strategies, and Opportunities for Curriculum and Pedagogy (10:30 AM)
Mya Poe, speaker
(Alumni/ae) Christine K. Donahue, speaker

A.42 – The Way We Do the Things We Do: Behaviors and Behaviorism in Teaching, Learning, and Assessing Writing (10:30 AM)
Chris Gallagher, speaker

B.12 – Writing Assessment and Social Justice: Methodological and Applied Insights in the Advancement of Opportunity (12:15 PM)
Mya Poe, speaker

B.33 – Writing Wikipedia across Contexts: Critical Notes on Learning Transfer and Community Engagement (12:15 PM)
Cecelia Musselman, speaker

C.12 – What Embodied (Trans)languaging Means to Ethnographic Methodology (3:15 PM)
Ellen Cushman, speaker

C.20 – Life Sentences: Reflections on a Writing Workshop with Former Prisoners (3:15 PM)
(Alumni/ae) Emily Artiano

D.31 – Challenging the Privilege, Privileging the Challenge: Community Engagement with First-Year Writers (4:45 PM)
Sarah Finn, speaker
(Alumni/ae) Kristi Girdharry, speaker
(Alumni/ae) Charles Lesh, speaker
Laura Proszak, speaker

D.09 – Violent Rhetoric/Rhetorical Violence: Human Rights, Resistance, and Weaponizing of Language (4:45 PM)
Belinda Walzer, speaker

Friday, March 16, 2018

E-IP.04 – Individual Presentation: “What’s in a Writing Student?” Assessing the Language of Writing Program Descriptions, Goals, and Outcomes (8:00 AM)
Michael Turner, speaker

E-IP.06 – Individual Presentation: Slow Your Roll: WPA-ing from the Slow (and Untenured) Lane (8:50 AM)
Michael Turner, speaker

F.26 – Invisible Labors of Embedded Communication Instruction: Tracing Generative Pedagogical Relationships through Co-Teaching, Code-Switching, and Conversation (9:30 AM)
(Alumni/ae) Amy Carleton, speaker
(Alumni/ae) Rebecca Thorndike-Breeze, speaker

F.22 – (Re-) Assembling Resistance: Spaces and Places of/as Responses to Linguistics (9:30 AM)
(Alumni/ae) Steven Kapica, speaker

F.31 – Engaging and Complicating Ecological Theories of Writing and Circulation (9:30 AM)
(Alumni/ae) Rebecca (McLaughlin) Petitti, speaker

G.09 – Roots, Relationships, and Reciprocity: Food Literacies and Environmental Justice in Community Writing (11:00 AM)
Ellen Cushman, speaker

G.01 – Writing and STEM Standing Group Meeting (11:00 AM)
Mya Poe, speaker

G.20 – Writing with Light: Digital Design, Digital Processes (11:00 AM)
Kevin Smith, speaker

H.18 – Writing the Imaginary into Reality: A Study of Immigrant/Refugee Writing Projects in the USA, UK, and Syria (12:30 PM)
(Alumni/ae) Jessica Pauszek, speaker

I.15 – Provocations 15 Years after Rhetoric and Composition as Intellectual Work (2:00 PM)
Melissa Pearson, speaker

I.37 – Diversifying Perspectives: Complexities of Editorial Practices and Authorial Representations in Writing Scholarship (2:00 PM)
Mya Poe, speaker

I.28 – Civil Engagement: Featuring the Work of Writing in Public Spaces to Effect Change (2:00 PM )
(Alumni/ae) Charles Lesh, speaker

J.10 – Languaging across STEM Disciplines: Teaching Technical Writing in Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Contexts (3:30 PM)
Mya Poe, speaker

J.27 – Pleasurable Performances: Unfolding Meaning across Genres (3:30 PM)
(Alumni/ae) Kristi Girdharry, speaker

Saturday, March 17, 2018

L.20 – The Best from the Rest: Using “A” Papers to Debate Program Standardization and Instructor Autonomy (11:00 AM)
(Alumni/ae) Emily Artiano, speaker
(Alumni/ae) Jennifer (Sopchockchai) Bankard, speaker

M.02 – Communities/Universities/Prisons: The Rhetorical Reach(es) of Prison Literacies (12:30 PM)
Rachel Lewis, speaker

M.09 – Transforming and Transformative Multimodal Composing (12:30 PM)
Melissa Pearson, speaker

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