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Holding Space to Heal: Black Queer and Trans Care Practices for a New World

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Wednesday, October 25

Dr. AK Wright (they/them) is a Jamaican first-generation healer-scholar. Their book project, Embodied Abolition: Healing Justice, Black Feminism and Ending Carcerality, investigates how Black individuals communally and intimately live, resist, and care amid carceral forces. Situated in Black feminist thought, queer and trans studies, and carceral studies, their research explores communal healing justice approaches to carceral abolition.

Exploring the relationship between healing, communal care, and abolishing carcerality in their book project, Embodying Abolition: Healing Justice, Black Feminism and the End of Carcerality, Dr. Wright will discuss a portion of their research for the project that investigated how Black queer and trans healing justice facilitators in Minneapolis “held space” to care for Black people, to address generational traumas, and to strategize pathways to radical social change. Their work conveys that the social life and organizing of Black queer and trans people generates alternative pathways of being and knowing that construct abolitionist possibilities that do not involve the carceral state for redressing harm, and that allows for healing.

Please join us to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Africana Studies at Northeastern University!

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