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O’Bryant Postdoctoral Fellow Yndia Lorick-Wilmot Publishes Digital Project “Journeys of Belonging 2 Blackness”

Please join us in congratulating and supporting O’Bryant Postdoctoral Fellow Yndia Lorick-Wilmot on the publishing of her digital media and book project, Journeys of Belonging 2 Blackness (JourneysB2B).

Journeys of Belonging 2 Blackness is a book and digital media project that is an ethnographically grounded, sociologically and historically informed study on the intersections of Black racial identity and bio-geographic ancestry.

JourneysB2B, presents the opportunity to use m.DNA to deepen and unite the fissions within and across racially identified Black communities but also across those communities in which other groups have come into contact with African descendants in various parts of the world. The content produced intends to highlight and uplift the lives and the positive experiences of African descendants. Also, Yndia endeavor to use this platform as a means to inform and inspire actions that can end racial injustices that permeate society against Black and Brown bodies. Episodes 1 &2 debut July 2020!

Talking Journeys of Belonging 2 Blackness podcast highlights the personal and professional journeys African descendants take daily as they navigate the world around them.

Monthly episodes feature topics and conversations with guests (award-winning creatives, writers, academics, practitioners and influencers). Listen & Subscribe on: Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIn or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Recent podcast episodes “Special Episode #UPRISINGS 2020 Parts 1 &2” were video recorded and posted to the JourneysB2B YouTube Channel as part of a 2-part special series of panel discussions on COVID-19 and the current uprisings across the globe.

Part 1, June 4 2020

Part 2, June 11 2020

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