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The Northeastern University American Sign Language and Interpreting Education Program presents this years performers!

Sunshine 2.0


Sunshine 2.0 is a professional traveling theater troupe based at Rochester Institute of Technology’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) in Rochester, New York. The troupe travels to public schools, schools for the deaf and hard-of-hearing students, colleges, or civic group venues and offers performances and activities that highlight STEM fields and other educational topics through the arts. Performances are presented in voice and in American Sign Language, are accessible to all audience members and cover subjects for people of all ages.

Using unique approaches to theater and dance, Sunshine 2.0 develops programs, workshops, and performances featuring materials that provide educational content and demonstrate the special quality of the performing arts in Deaf theater, while introducing audiences to the experiences of Deaf people.

Sunshine 2.0 audiences have a rare opportunity to see an exciting form of art that is not only entertaining, but introduces them to the world of deafness and creates an impression that will last a lifetime. 

Sunshine 2.0 performances involve the amazing use of movement, sign language, physical theater, and other entertaining physical elements. Our shows not only entertain, but also help educate students and other audiences about the Deaf experience—information that is shared through a range of skits and short plays involving sign-mime, dance, gestures, ASL poetry, songs, and storytelling. All performances are presented in sign language and spoken English to provide full access to audiences.

Ian Sanborn (Performance Interpreter) hails from New Hampshire. He is well known for some of his works such as “Caterpillar” and “Tick Tock” that can be viewed on YouTube. His work has been used worldwide at schools and colleges for study and inspiration. He was featured with Convo and Sorenson video relay services for commercial and storyteller of the year. Ian enjoys many outdoor activities such as fly fishing, hiking, canoeing, and loves photography, filming, and painting.