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Because of the cognitive and linguistic complexities involved in American Sign Language interpreting or in using ASL for professional purposes in one of our combined majors, there are numerous skills that are introduced, reinforced, and mastered throughout the ASL– English Interpreting degree. The program outcomes are indicated by the various points in the curriculum when a student is expected to demonstrate mastery of the knowledge and/or skill set.

These outcomes are for our American Sign Language and English Interpreting majors.

Graduate Outcomes
Entered an interpreting career86%
Started work in an ASL/Deaf related field10%
Pursued further education3%
Working as an Interpreter
Working full- or part-time as an interpreter 91%
State qualification58%
National RID certification79%
Time to certification/qualification
RID written exam pass rate 85%
State qualifications pass rate within 6 months36%
State qualifications pass rate within 12 months57%
State qualifications pass rate within 18 months91%