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BARI seeks to spur original, cutting-edge research in the greater Boston area that both advances urban scholarship and improves public policy and practice. Central to this mission is an overarching effort to forge active and mutually beneficial relationships between the region’s researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and civic leaders.

BARI supports research-policy collaborations, BARI projects provide insights into daily life in greater Boston, help policymakers and practitioners to better serve their constituencies, and increase our understanding of human behavior.

To achieve its goals, BARI focuses on three major areas of activity:

  • Pursuing core research-policy partnerships and projects that use modern data to probe major themes and challenges facing greater Boston.
  • Developing technologies that make emergent data sources accessible for research, policy, and practice, centered around BARI’s flagship project, the Boston Data Portal where researchers, policymakers, and community members can map and download data generated by BARI projects.
  • Convening and supporting cutting-edge research-policy work in the region through:
    • Seed funding for projects undertaken by graduate students. See more information on research seed grants here.
    • Workshops and conferences that grow the research-policy community in greater Boston, like 2021’s conference titled “BARI Conference 2021: Building back Smarter
    • An online platform and network that facilitates Boston-focused research and teaching among the network’s 1000+ members.