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Forrest Hangen PhD Student in Public Policy, Northeastern University;

Forrest, research focuses on inequalities, especially related to housing. Specifically, he is interested in furthering our understanding of how multiple facets of urban life (e.g., landlord ownership structures, crime and disorder, eviction, etc.) combine to create disparate living conditions for tenants and examining solutions to these problems. He hopes this work will help policy makers act in informed and equitable ways to create stable, safe, and affordable housing.

Shunan You PhD student in Sociology, Northeastern University

Shunan serves as a research assistant and the Data Consultant at the Boston Area Research Initiative. Her research areas are globalization, transnationalism, spatial mobility, and highly skilled labor migration. Shunan aims to unpack how global mobile workers change organizational management, complicating family lives, dissolving traditional community, and cultivating individualism. She is interested in both qualitative methods and computational social science methods.