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Navigating Mainstream Institutions and Non-Traditional Alternatives Post-Incarceration

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01/29/20 - BOSTON, MA. - Students silhouetted by afternoon sun walk through campus on Jan. 29, 2020. Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

Project Summary: 

In this project, Professor Denver and her research team are examining the experiences of individuals with institutions post-incarceration. The primary goal of this research is to understand how and why formerly incarcerated adults engage with and avoid various types of mainstream (e.g., banks) and alternative (e.g., payday lender) institutions and whether distrust of law enforcement or other factors shape these choices. It is an additional goal to identify similarities and differences across study participants and develop policy recommendations that will be adaptable in Boston as well as other jurisdictions that release large portions of incarcerated adults back to marginalized communities. 

Project Description: 

This research is being conducted under the sponsorship of the National Science Foundation and in partnership with Professor Rod Brunson and the Office of Returning Citizens in Boston. A team of doctoral students work with Professors Denver and Brunson on this project. 

The research team will be collecting qualitative data through in-depth interviews with 120 formerly incarcerated men and women returning home to Massachusetts. Participants will be recruited from a local reentry center. The team will then conduct an inductive qualitative analysis of interview transcripts.

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