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Isabel Sobral Campos Publishes How to Make Words of Rubble

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How to Make Words of Rubble book cover

Associate Teaching Professor of English and Director of the Writing Center Isabel Sobral Campos has published How to Make Words of Rubble via Blue Figure Press. From the publisher’s website:

“How to Make Words of Rubble is a book-length poem by Isabel Sobral Campos that narrates maternal grief and anxiety, regurgitating the languid remains of abject motherhood from the depths of an Old English swamp. A hybrid between choral ode and musical score, the poem seeks a new horology, a resurrected capacity to inhabit time in the presence of disaster. It is also a dirge hauled upon a mother’s impaled head to Heorot. This poem ruminates in the dead of ecology.”

Copies are currently available for purchase online. Congratulations, Isabel!

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