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Laura Proszak (PhD ’19) Publishes Article on Rhetorical Education in the Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century

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Laura Proszak (PhD ’19) has published an article titled, “Products of US Performance: A Material Rhetorical Education at North Bennet Street Industrial School, 1890-1910” in Rhetoric Society Quarterly. The article examines the ways in which children of immigrants at a late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century manual training school in Boston were taught “how to become citizen workers as defined by white, middle-class values.”

Laura successfully defended her dissertation, “Embodying, Producing, and Materializing Citizenship: A Rhetorical Education for Children of Immigrants at North Bennet Street Industrial School, 1880-1910” (directed by Professor Ellen Cushman) on March 29, 2019. She is currently an Assistant Professor of English and Composition Coordinator at Mercy College.

Read the full article here.

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