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For the most up-to-date and comprehensive course schedule, including course descriptions, meeting times, course additions, cancellations, and room assignments, refer to the Banner Class Schedule on the Registrar’s website. For curriculum information, see the Undergraduate Full-Time Day Programs catalog.

The first day of spring registration is November 13 for continuing undergraduate students (see the Academic Calendar). Students can check their time ticket for registration via myNortheastern (click here for instructions).

Core RequirementCourseInstructorMeeting Time
CapstoneENGL 4710 Capstone Seminar: Poetics of the ArchiveDillon, ElizabethMW 2:50pm-4:30pm
CapstoneENGL 4710 Capstone Seminar: Literature and MemoryMullen, PatrickTF 1:35pm-3:15pm
Comparative Literature/Diversity/Twentieth to Twenty-First CenturiesENGL 2455 American Women WritersKaplan, CarlaMW 2:50pm-4:30pm
Comparative Literature/Diversity/Twentieth to Twenty-First CenturiesENGL 2470 Asian American LiteratureKim, EunsongTF 9:50am-11:30am
Early Literatures ENGL 3101 Early Literatures (Romance)Kelly, KathleenMW 2:50pm-4:30pm
FoundationENGL 1000 English at NUDavis, TheoW 11:45am-1:25pm
FoundationENGL 1400 Intro to Literary StudiesKim, EunsongTF 1:35pm-3:15pm
FoundationENGL 1410 Intro to Research on WritingLerner, NealMWR 1:35pm-2:40pm
FoundationENGL 1700 Global Literatures 1Sobral Campos, IsabelTF 9:50am-11:30am
Seventeenth to Eighteenth CenturiesENGL 3160 Topics in 17th and 18th C. British LiteraturesDillon, ElizabethMWR 1:35pm-2:40pm
Theories and MethodsENGL 3700 Narrative MedicineAltschuler, SariMR 11:45am-1:25pm
Theories and MethodsENGL 3325 Rhetoric of LawBritt, ElizabethMR 11:45am-1:25pm
Theories and MethodsENGL 1160 Introduction to RhetoricRawson, K.J.MWR 1:35pm-2:40pm
Theories and Methods/ExperientialENGL 3340 Technologies of TextBoeckeler, ErikaTF 1:35pm-3:15pm
Theories and Methods/Experiential/Nineteenth CenturyENGL 3400 Opening the ArchiveGlassie, AlisonMR 11:45am-1:25pm
Theories and Methods/Twentieth to Twenty-First Centuries ENGL 2451 Postcolonial Women WritersAljoe, NicoleMWR 10:30am-11:35am
WritingENGL 2710 Style & EditingBritt, ElizabethOnline
WritingENGL 2730 Digital WritingEvalyn, LawrenceMWR 10:30am-11:35am
WritingENGL 2700 Creative WritingGonso, KatMWR 9:15am-10:20am
WritingENGL 3380 Topics in Writing: Nature Writing Kelly, KathleenMWR 1:35pm-2:40pm
WritingENGL 2650 Science WritingMusselman, CeceliaTF 9:50am-11:30am
Writing/DiversityENGL 2760 Writing in Global ContextsPoe, MyaMR 11:45am-1:25pm
Writing/ExperientialENGL 3375 Writing BostonGallagher, ChrisWF 11:45-1:25