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Our Graduate Students


Paul Babin

Previous Institutions: Clark University (MA), Wheaton College (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Renaissance maps and travel narratives, Shakespeare, sixteenth- and seventeenth-century English literature, critical theory
Dissertation (working title): “Playing Histories: Performing Global, National, and Urban Map Spaces in Early Modern English Drama”

Genesis Barco-Medina

Previous Institutions: Auburn University (BA, MA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Writing and Rhetoric; Spatial and Public Rhetorics and Theory, Community Engagement, and Critical-Race Studies.

Avery Blankenship

Previous Institutions: Rhodes College (BA)
Program and Fields: MA; Nineteenth-century women writers, social fields, digital humanities

BondWilliam Bond

Previous Institutions: Syracuse University (MA), University of Oxford (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Nineteenth-century American literature, poetics and philosophy, ecocriticism and ecopoetics, materialism and the nonhuman turn
Dissertation (working title): “Genial Poetics: Encountering the Material in American Poetry 1816-1882”

Galen Bunting

Previous Institutions: Oklahoma State University (BA, MA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Gender and sexuality in modernist writing

Ben DoyleBenjamin J. Doyle

Previous Institutions: Northeastern University (BA, MA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century American print and performance cultures

John “Jack” Flor

Previous Institutions: United States Air Force Academy
Program and Fields: MA; Classical reception, modernism

Brigid Flynn

Previous Institutions: University of Rhode Island (BA, MA)
Program and Fields: PhD;

Tieanna Graphenreed

Previous Institutions: 
Program and Fields: PhD

Kenneth Haley

Previous Institutions: Northeastern University
Program and Fields: PlusOne; Digital humanities

Arsalan ul Haq headshotArsalan ul Haq

Previous Institutions: Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (B. Arch), Dartmouth College (MA)
Program and Fields: PhD; 20th Century literature. Contemporary literature, Architecture, Design studies, Interdisciplinary studies, Graphic narratives
Dissertation: “Graphic Acts—Narrative Desire and Design in Comics and Architecture”

Dola Haque

Previous Institutions: University of Nevada, Reno (BA), University of Massachusetts-Boston (BA)
Program and Fields: MA

Matthew Hitchcock

Previous Institutions: University of Massachusetts Boston (MA); Millersville University of Pennsylvania (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Writing and rhetoric

JohnsonLaura Johnson

Previous Institutions: Pacific Lutheran University (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; American literature, gender and sexuality studies, digital humanities, print culture

Cherice Jones

Previous Institutions: SUNY at Albany (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Sound studies, literacy studies

Laurie Kladky

Previous Institutions: Barnard College at Columbia University (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Modernism and translation

Richard “Brice” Lanham

Previous Institutions: Indiana University Bloomington (BA)
Program and Fields: MA; Twentieth- and twenty-first-century African American literature, poetry

AbbieAbbie Levesque

Previous Institutions: Northeastern University (MA), Lesley University (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Rhetoric and composition, writing center research, composition pedagogy, digital humanities, social activism, and queer theory
Dissertation (working title): “Queer Memes: Forms, Communities, Genres”

Rachel Lewis

Previous Institutions: Northeastern University (MA), University of Massachusetts-Amherst (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD;
Dissertation (working title): “LGBTQ Literacies, Community Writing, and Mass Incarceration”

Benjamin Machlin

Previous Institutions: Rutgers University (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Comics, Contemporary Literature, Interdisciplinary Studies

Patrick McCabe

Previous Institutions: Oberlin College (BA)
Program and Fields: MA; Comics Studies

medina_squareDavid Medina

Previous Institutions: University of Texas at El Paso (BA, MA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Hemispheric American Studies; Book History; Bibliology
Dissertation (working title): “Paper Polemicists: Print and Power in the Early Colonial Americas”

messina_squareCara Marta Messina

Previous Institutions: St. John’s University (BA, MA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Writing studies, digital writing research, fan studies, feminism, critical digital pedagogy, digital humanities (new media studies + transformDH)

molkoRachel Molko

Previous Institutions: Florida State University (BA), University of Central Florida (MA)
Program and Fields: PhD; (Intersectional) Feminist theory and inclusive pedagogy

MurelJacob Murel

Previous Institutions: University of Memphis (BA, MA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Graphic novel, temporality

Kyle Oddis

Previous Institutions:  Loyola Marymount University (BA), Northeastern University (MA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Writing and Rhetoric; writing assessment, curriculum & pedagogy, community literacy, writing centers

Kenneth Oravetz

Previous Institutions:  University of California Santa Barbara (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Graphic novel

Jonathan Osborne

Previous Institutions: Tulane University (BA, MA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Writing and rhetoric
Dissertation (working title): “Difference Within Difference: A Study of Modern Black Conservative Rhetoric”

gregGregory Palermo

Previous Institutions: SUNY Geneseo (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Disciplinary rhetoric, digital humanities, citation analysis, social justice

Alanna Prince

Previous Institutions: Bates College (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD;

Samantha Przybylowicz

Previous Institutions: Mills College (MA), Widener University (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Victorian studies and British Romanticism
Dissertation (working title): “Rewriting Representations of Women Who Murder: Truthfulness and Sympathy in Victorian Sensation Fiction, Realist Novels, and Photography”

William Quinn

Previous Institutions: University of Tulsa (MA), University of Arkansas (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Digital humanities, modernism, and periodical studies
Dissertation (working title): “Interactive Readers and Magazine Media: The Roles of Readers in Twentieth-Century Periodicals”

Vijeta Saini

Previous Institutions: Guru Nanak Dev University (BA)
Program and Fields: MA; Early Modern and Renaissance literature, postcolonial studies, gender and sexuality studies

Shreya Sangai

Previous Institutions: Ambedkar University, Delhi (MA), Gargi College,  Univeristy of Delhi (BA)
Program and Fields: MA; South Asian folklore, Graphic Narratives, Critical Theory, Culture studies.

Eamon Schlotterback

Previous Institutions: New York University (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Queer theory, Modernist and Decadent literature, and transgender studies

Eric Sepenoski

Previous Institutions: Emerson College (MFA); Emmanuel College (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Writing and rhetoric

sojkowskiNicole Sojkowski

Previous Institutions: Northeastern University
Program and Fields: PlusOne (BA/MA); East Asian studies

Solari profileAlexandra Solari

Previous Institutions: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (BA)
Program and Fields: MA; Writing and rhetoric

Jacob St. Jean

Previous Institutions: Eastern Connecticut State University (BA)
Program and Fields: MA; Medieval literature, digital humanities

Michael Turner

Previous Institutions: The College of New Jersey (BA), Rutgers University-Newark (MFA, Poetry), University of Massachusetts-Boston (MA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Affect studies, writing center research, rhet/comp

Zachary Ulrich

Previous Institutions: University of North Texas (BA)
Program and Fields: MA; Developmental editing, line editing, proofreading, and writing

Kyle Wholey

Previous Institutions: University of Massachusetts Boston (BA)
Program and Fields: MA; Postmodern literature, queer theory, and feminist theory