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Our Graduate Students


Paul Babin
Previous Institutions: Clark University (MA), Wheaton College (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Renaissance Maps and Travel Narratives, Shakespeare, 16th and 17th Century English Literature, Critical Theory
Dissertation (working title): “Precarious Maps, Elusive Spaces: Mapping Practices in Early Modern Cartography and Drama”

Kathryn Bloom
Previous Institutions: University of Toronto (MA), Hebrew College (MJLS), Rutgers University (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; middlebrow studies, intersection between philosophy and literature
Dissertation (working title):  “Fanfare for the Common Woman”

William Bond
Previous Institutions: Syracuse University (MA), University of Oxford (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; 19th century American literature, poetics and philosophy, American environmental and wilderness writing
Dissertation (working title): “Genial Poetics: Encountering the Material in American Poetry 1816-1880”

Rhya Moffitt Brooke
Previous Institutions: Southern Adventist University (BA)
Program and Fields: MA;

Kelcy Dolan
Previous Institutions: Arcadia University (BA)
Program and Fields: MA;

Ben DoyleBenjamin J. Doyle
Previous Institutions: Northeastern University (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; 18th and 19th century American print and performance cultures

Jimmy Duggan
Previous Institutions: University of Massachusetts-Boston (MA), Emmanuel College (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; 20th & 21st century American literature; global literatures in English, the novel, critical theory, aesthetics

Dania Dwyer
Previous Institutions: Clark University (MA), University of the West Indies (BA), Mico University College (Dip.Ed)
Program and Fields: PhD; Caribbean literature and Postcolonial literature and theory
Dissertation (working title): “Writing Genre, Writing Resistance: Uptake, Action and the Making of Resistance in Anglophone Caribbean Poetry”

Heather Falconer
Previous Institutions: University of Glasgow (MLitt); Emerson College (MFA); Unity College (BS)
Program and Fields: PhD; WAC/WID; Writing in the sciences; equity pedagogies; rhetorical genre studies
Dissertation (working title): “Triple-binds and unintended consequences: Exploring the development of discursive identity in science by three women of color”

fitzJonathan Fitzgerald
Previous Institutions: University of Massachusetts Boston (MA), Gordon College (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Literary Journalism, 20th century American literature, Digital Humanities
Dissertation (working title): “Setting the Record Straight: Women Literary Journalists Writing Against the Mainstream”

Brigid Flynn
Previous Institutions: URI (BA, MA)
Program and Fields: PhD;

Karla Gaitan
Previous Institutions: Santa Clara University (BA)
Program and Fields: MA;

KasraM. “Kasra” Ghorbaninejad
Previous Institutions: University of Tehran (BA, MA); University of Edinburgh
Program and Fields: PhD; early modern British literature, English Renaissance drama and Shakespeare, comparative studies, early modern Euro-Islamic encounters, Persianate literatures and cultures, Digital Humanities
Dissertation (working title): “The Poetics of Nation Formation in Tudor/Stuart England and Safavid Persia: Shakespeare and the Shāhnāmah

Arsalan ul Haq
Previous Institutions: Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (B. Arch), Dartmouth College (MA)
Program and Fields: PhD; 20th and 21st Century Literature, Modernism and Postmodernism in Design and Literature, Interdisciplinary Studies, Design and Writing Pedagogy, Literary and Cultural Criticism
Dissertation (working title): “Reading Design, Reading Fiction: Form and Desire in Contemporary Narratives”

Sarah Hastings
Previous Institutions: Northeastern University (MA), University of Delaware (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; 18th century British novel/Rise of the Novel, Enlightenment rhetoric and philosophy, gender studies, early modern feminist rhetoric, the history of marriage.
Dissertation (working title):  “‘Words are Women’: Marriage, Language and the Production of ‘Woman’ in Eighteenth-Century British Women’s Fiction”

Matthew Hitchcock
Previous Institutions: University of Massachusetts Boston (MA); Millersville University of Pennsylvania (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD;

Nicole Infanta Keller
Previous Institutions: Bread Loaf School of English at Middlebury College (MA), Vassar College (AB)
Program and Fields: PhD; Women’s Scientific Writing, the Rise of the Novel, Victorian Literature
Dissertation (working title): “Making Her Case: Gendered Evidence in Women’s Astronomical Writing of the Long Eighteenth Century

Laurie Kladky
Previous Institutions: Barnard College at Columbia University (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Modernism and Translation

AbbieAbbie Levesque
Previous Institutions: Northeastern University (MA), Lesley University (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; rhetoric and composition, writing center research, composition pedagogy, digital humanities, social activism, and queer theory

Rachel Lewis
Previous Institutions: Northeastern University (MA), University of Massachusetts-Amherst (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD;
Dissertation (working title): “LGBTQ Literacies, Community Writing, and Mass Incarceration”

medina_squareDavid Medina
Previous Institutions: University of Texas at El Paso (BA, MA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Early American Literature; Colonial Studies; Digital Humanities

messina_squareCara Messina
Previous Institutions: St. John’s University (BA, MA)
Program and Fields: PhD; writing center research; fanfiction scholarship; digital humanities; composition pedagogy merged with social justice, representation, and pop culture

Christopher Myers
Previous Institutions: SUNY Buffalo (MA), University of Southern California (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD;

Kyle Oddis
Previous Institutions:  Loyola Marymount University (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD;

Kenneth Oravetz
Previous Institutions:  University of California Santa Barbara (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD;

Jonathan Osborne
Previous Institutions: Tulane University (BA, MA)
Program and Fields: PhD;
Dissertation (working title): “Difference Within Difference: A Study of Modern Black Conservative Rhetoric”

gregGregory Palermo
Previous Institutions: SUNY Geneseo (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Data Modeling, Text Analysis, Citation Studies, Visual Rhetoric, Critical Race Theory, Masculinities

Sarah Payne
Previous Institutions: Boston University (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Modernism and Literature of the American South
Dissertation (working title): “Women Writing Racelessness: Performativity and Racial Absence in Twentieth-Century Women’s Writing”

Ivy Pepin
Previous Institutions: Northeastern University
Program and Fields: PlusOne (BA/MA);

Elizabeth Polcha
Previous Institutions: Florida State University (MA), University of Tulsa (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; 18th century American and Caribbean literature, Digital Humanities, Feminist Theory
Dissertation (working title): “The Sable Curtain: Redaction and the Exchange of Women in Eighteenth-Century Transatlantic Print Culture”

Alanna Prince
Previous Institutions: Bates College (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD;

Proszak_GradPicLaura Proszak
Previous Institutions: Tulane University (BA, MA)
Program and Fields: PhD; rhetorical education; historiography; archival methods; history of education; composition pedagogy
Dissertation (working title): 
“An Experiential and Classed Rhetorical Education at a Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century Manual Training School for Immigrants

Halie Pruitt
Previous Institutions: University of New England (BS, BA)
Program and Fields: MA; literature and science, pacific indigenous literature, comparative literature, and contemporary global literature

Samantha Przybylowicz
Previous Institutions: Mills College (MA), Widener University (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Victorian Studies and British Romanticism
Dissertation (working title): “Rewriting Representations of Women Who Murder: Truthfulness and Sympathy in Victorian Sensation Fiction, Realist Novels, and Photography”

William Quinn
Previous Institutions: University of Tulsa (MA), University of Arkansas (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Digital Humanities, Modernism, and Periodical Studies
Dissertation (working title): “Interactive Readers and Magazine Media: The Roles of Readers in Twentieth-Century Periodicals”

Wafaa Razeq
Previous Institutions: Central Connecticut State University (BA)
Program and Fields: MA;

Lara Rose profileLara Rose
Previous Institutions: Colorado State University, Fort Collins (MA); University of Colorado, Boulder (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Early American & Transatlantic Literature; Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Digital Humanities

Areti Sakellaris
Previous Institutions:  Northeastern University (MA), Connecticut College (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; rhetoric and composition, community engagement, action research, digital humanities

Eamon Schlotterback
Previous Institutions: New York University (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; Queer Theory, Modernist and Decadent literature, and Transgender Studies

Eric Sepenoski
Previous Institutions: Emerson College (MFA); Emmanuel College (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD;

Alexander Slotkin
Previous Institutions: Drew University (BA)
Program and Fields: MA;

Kevin Smith
Previous Institutions: DePaul University (MA), University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (BA)
Program and Fields: PhD; writing studies, digital humanities, rhetorical genre studies, digital rhetoric, computers and writing
Dissertation (working title): “(Re)Making/(Re)Marking: Genre, Design, and Markup in the Writing Classroom

Megan Stefanski
Previous Institutions: William Paterson University of New Jersey (BA)
Program and Fields: MA;

Surprenant_sqChristopher Surprenant
Previous Institutions: The College of Saint Rose (BA)
Program and Fields: MA; Modernist Literature, Early 20th Century British and American Literature, Feminist Theory and Gender Studies

Michael Turner
Previous Institutions: The College of New Jersey (BA), Rutgers University-Newark (MFA, Poetry), University of Massachusetts-Boston (MA)
Program and Fields: PhD; affect studies, writing center research, rhet/comp

Kyle Wholey
Previous Institutions: University of Massachusetts Boston (BA)
Program and Fields: MA;