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Writing Program

The primary goal of the Writing Program at Northeastern University is to be an intellectual home for the discipline of rhetoric and composition, including conducting research on writing, preparing graduate students to enter the field, and educating writers at all levels. The Writing Program offers First-Year Writing and Advanced Writing in the Disciplines classes, as well as one-to-one instruction in the Writing Center. Instructors consist of English Department faculty, lecturers, and graduate students. In terms of instruction, our aim is to engage students as writers. We want students to participate in academic, professional, and public conversations that matter to them—right from the start. While we hope students will take with them what they learn in sites where writing instruction occurs, whether in courses or the Writing Center, we view these experiences as more than preparatory or adjunct. We aim to provide engaging, challenging educational experiences for writers of all abilities and perspectives. Learn more about the Writing Program on their website: northeastern.edu/writing.

The Northeastern Writing Center

The Northeastern University Writing Center is open to any member of the Northeastern community and exists to help any level writer, from any academic discipline, become a better writer.

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