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Claire Lavarreda, World History PhD Student, Earns the William T. Buice III Scholarship to Rare Book School

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World History PhD Student Claire Lavarreda tells about her experience with Rare Book School, and her second time receiving a Rare Book School Scholarship:

In 2023, I was fortunate enough to receive a James Davis scholarship to attend Rare Book School for a week from June 2-7th at the University of Virginia. As a student interested in book history and material texts, Rare Book School was a phenomenal opportunity that exposed me to the ways in which people have utilized textual expression to connect, communicate, and chronicle the human experience. Specifically, I took the RBS course G-20: Printed Books to 1800: Description & Analysis led by David Whitesell, which covered the foundational aspects of hand-press books. Lessons on typography, illustration, binding, and bibliographical description were exciting (and challenging!) and cemented my decision to make book history one of my fields of study. My experience at RBS in 2023, however, fostered questions for my future dissertation — namely, how Indigenous communities experienced, created, and adapted material texts. It was this curiosity that drove me to consider returning to Rare Book School in 2024 to expand my knowledge, and I am excited to say that I have received the 2024 William T. Buice III scholarship for returning students. Rare Book School has been deeply formative to my growth as a scholar — not only because of the community, but because of the hands-on nature of our learning. Rare Book School is a great experience, and I highly recommend other students apply in the future!

Congratulations Claire! Learn more about Rare Book School Here: .

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