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Congratulations to the 2019-2020 “Authority and Subversion” Fellows

Please join us in congratulating the 7th annual Northeastern University Humanities Center Resident Fellowship Program. This fellowship provides a focused period of time for fellows to pursue research, to collaborate around a common theme, and to share their work with the Northeastern community. The theme for the 2019-20 academic year is “Authority and Subversion”

2019 – 2020 Authority and Subversion: Authority and subversion are mutually inextricable. Authority and associated terms such as authorship and authoritarianism express different forms and degrees of power. Subversion also comes in various forms and may be positively or negatively disruptive. Environmental degradation, technological complexity, global shifts, and the collapse of clear ideological divides between left and right-wing discourses invite reconsiderations of relationships between authority and subversion. The Humanities Center welcomes applications from scholars across disciplines whose projects consider, for example: literary or artistic strategies for claiming or subverting authority; authoritarian or subversive political or social movements; or breakdowns of consensus around ideological, aesthetic, or cultural values.

Candice Delmas: “Resistance from the Margins”
Department of Philosophy and Religion Department of Political Science
College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Carla Kaplan: “”Queen of the Muckrakers:” Jessica Mitford and the Arts of Activism”
Department of English
College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Ekaterina Botchkovar: “War Exposure and Degradation of Morality: The Case of Ukraine”
School of Criminology and Criminal Justice
College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Patricia Mabrouk: “Them and Us: The Impact of Power and Privilege on Chemistry Doctoral Students’ Ethical Decision Making about Authorship”
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
College of Science

Risa Kitagawa: “Recasting National Narratives A Text Analysis of Truth Commission Testimonies”
Department of Political Science International Affairs Program
College of Social Sciences and Humanities

William F.S. Miles: “Faith-Based Subversion of Western Democracy”  Department of Political Science
College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Matthew Bowser – GRADUATE FELLOW: “Misdirected Rage: The Anti-Immigrant Response to Co-Colonialism and Capitalism in Myanmar and the Origins of Burmese Islamophobia, 1930-1947”
Department of History
College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Summer Marion – GRADUATE FELLOW: “Purchasing Power? Philanthropy and Policy Influence in Global Governance”
Department of Political Science
College of Social Sciences and Humanities

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