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The International Affairs Program at Northeastern University brings faculty and students together in courses and research projects that fundamentally strive to create a better world—one that is freer, more peaceful, more humane, more just, and more inclusive.  We are a supportive community, where undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and administrative staff collaborate in an intellectually engaging and friendly environment. We are strongly committed to experiential education (a cornerstone mission of Northeastern University), and the IAF has pioneered the university’s Dialogues of Civilizations program, which now take place in more than 70 countries around the world.  Our internationally diverse faculty (hailing from Brazil, Columbia, the UK, to Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia to name just a few countries) has a wide-ranging scholarly expertise, with particular strengths in conflict resolution and peace-building, international law, and the global politics of gender, ethnicity, cities and religion.

Berna Turam

Director of International Affairs Program
Professor of Sociology and Anthropology