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Areas of Expertise

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Some Areas of Expertise (does not include all areas or faculty)


The study of democratization is a growing field, especially in relation to foreign policy of western countries. This field investigates why, how, and when democratic political regimes emerge, why they collapse or stabilize, and why democratization can sometimes be problematic. Special attention is often paid to the ways that democratization does or does not help marginalized groups, such as women, native peoples, and other minorities.

International Conflict and Negotiation

Conflict and Negotiation deals with the ever-present need to resolve or end international conflict and foster multilateral cooperation. Researching why and when conflict occurs, and what can be done to end it, is a critical need in today’s world.

International Economics and Economic Development

International Law

Space, Urbanism, Mobility and Security

Migration and increasing urbanization make space and the city increasingly contentious areas. Faculty who specialize in these fields study the ways in which people move and by what means, and how groups of people interact with migrants and their spaces.

Europe and the European Union

Climate Adaptation, Resilience in Developing Countries, Environmental Issues

Health & Healthcare Access for Immigrants, Public Policy

Ethics & Politics of Global Philanthropy, Civil Society

Human Rights, Transitional Justice

The Middle East and North Africa

Gender and Globalization

As our world grows ever smaller with the increase in globalization, special attention is needed to examine how globalization affects marginalized groups. The study of gender and globalization looks specifically at the ways that globalization affects women by investigating transnational networks, labor markets, and political and societal shifts.

Latin America and the Caribbean