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Virtual Film Screening: “How I Live”

How I Live Film Screening

4 Families. 5 Countries. 
And the global fight to cure childhood cancer.

Tuesday, December 8th
5:30pm – 7:30pm

Follow the incredible journeys of four children with cancer and the healthcare teams working to cure them. Filmed on the front lines of global pediatric oncology. An inspiring film about the global fight to cure childhood cancer.

‘How I Live’ follows the journeys of four children with cancer in Guatemala, El Salvador, Myanmar and Egypt. Following them from diagnosis through treatment, the complex issues facing patients, families and healthcare providers emerge. The film documents the difficulties not only of cancer treatment but also the physical and geographic obstacles to accessing care and how these can be the most daunting to overcome.

The film shows the healthcare teams who know and understand what those challenges look like for families of children with cancer and are working to provide quality care to their patients in the face of adverse conditions. Weaving together four years of filming and stories from disparate corners of the globe, the film is a composite of: the power of parents’ love, children’s courage, and what is possible when a community is dedicated to treating and someday curing childhood cancer.

Join us for a virtual film screening of this award winning documentary. Following the film there will be a Q&A with the Film Directors and Lisa Morrissey, Director of Nursing & Patient Services, Boston Children’s Hospital.

Sponsored by International Affairs Program

For more info, please click on:
* Event flyer
* Film Website and Trailer
* Link to watch party

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