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Nov 8th: “Issues of International Law and Human Rights for Palestinians and Israelis”

Nov 8th Speaker:

Zinaida Miller, Professor, Professor of Law and International Affairs; Faculty Co-Director, Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy; 2023-2024 Faculty Fellow, Center for Law, Equity and Race

Nov 8th Moderator:

Gretchen Heefner, Chair and Associate Professor of History; Associate Director of the Center for International Affairs and World Cultures

Nov 16th: “Jewish History, Jewish Responses”

Nov 16th Speakers:

Lori Lefkovitz, Ruderman Professor of Jewish Studies; Director of Jewish Studies Program; Professor of English,

Simon Rabinovitch, Stotsky Associate Professor in Jewish Historical and Cultural Studies

Nov 16th Moderator:

Mai’a Cross, Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs; Director of the Center for International Affairs and World Cultures; Dean’s Professor of Political Science, International Affairs, and Diplomacy

Nov 30th: “Gaza in Historical Context”

Nov 30th Speaker:

Ilham Khuri-Makdisi, Associate Professor of History

November 30th Moderator:

Valentine M. Moghadam, Professor of Sociology and International Affairs