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The CIAWC aims to tap into Northeastern’s network of undergraduate and graduate students to discover innovative answers to growing foreign policy concerns that the world may confront. The International Affairs Policy Brief series program allows applicants to put their academic expertise to the test by translating it into policy language and insights. Applicants are invited to submit 2,000-2,500 word policy briefs analyzing a current issue and providing policy recommendations. Winners will receive a gift card.     

2023-2024 International Affairs Policy Briefs

Interested in participating? How to apply:

Students should submit their policy briefs to their professors. The professor will then select the top three papers to be submitted to the CIAWC. The CIAWC will also vet the papers and select from the ones that were sent. The selected winners’ papers will be featured on our website along with their picture and brief biography. The deadline for submissions is May 6th, 2024.

The CIAWC invites submissions from current undergraduate students and master’s students studying in any field or major at Northeastern University.

Please refer to the Center’s list of potential topics, or feel free to submit your own.


  • Rising food prices- a global crisis
  • Shortages of health care workers
  • Supply chain reforms
  • Israel judicial reform act/collapse of democracy
  • How is Europe preparing for climate change
  • Is Puerto Rico ready for the next hurricane?
  • How important is China’s economy to the world?

Style Guide for CIAWC Papers

  • Each submission should start with a brief executive summary (3-5 sentences) that clearly states the problem being evaluated and the solution being offered.  
  • Each submission should have a title.  
  • Each submission should be formatted with 12-point font, basic margins. Other than student name, all other personal information should be removed. Faculty names/course numbers are OK (per instructor approval). 
  • See call for papers for specific word counts. 
  • Papers should be well-edited; all relevant materials appropriately cited.  
  • We may ask that winning essays be edited or reformatted to fit CIAWC website needs. Students will also be asked to submit a photo and brief bio.