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The Center for International Affairs and World Cultures is pleased to announce its first edition of the World Cultures Explainer Series. The program’s goal is to tap into Northeastern’s network of undergraduate and graduate students to help readers understand today’s global challenges by giving a brief history of a current issue/event related to a region of the world or a particular country. The program allows applicants to put their academic expertise to the test by converting it into short and accurate stories without conducting significant research. Applicants are invited to submit 2,000-2,500 word explainers or backgrounders analyzing a particular issue/event in the global sphere. Students should submit their explainers to their professor.


  • The Center for International Affairs and World Cultures (CIAWC) invites submissions from current undergraduate students and master’s students studying in any field or major at Northeastern University.

Financial award

  • A small honorarium of $250 will be provided for any selected student submissions.

Please refer to the Center’s list of potential topics, or feel free to submit your own.


What is Temporary Protected Status?

The Brazilian President-Elect is Back. What does that mean for Brazil?

Why was Peru’s President Impeached?

Will sending weapons and light tanks to Ukraine make a difference?

Explain the conflict between China and Taiwan

North Korean/missiles/nukes