An Assessment of the Implementation of the Act Relative to the Reduction in Gun Violence

NU- Public Evaluation Lab Offers No-Cost Evaluation Opportunity for Greater Boston Area Organizations

Capturing Human Trafficking Victimization Through Crime Reporting

The Institute on Race and Justice (IRJ) utilizes an innovative community based, participatory research model.  This innovative model is a research and advocacy partnership between Northeastern University faculty and members of the IRJ Community Advisory Board. The IRJ Community Advisory Board consists of eleven Community Practitioners whose leadership in the Boston area reflects a broad range of expertise.

The IRJ model works from another set of starting points and presumptions, where the goal of the research is to help communities achieve their own goals. This cannot be accomplished without the active, dynamic and two-way partnership between community members and researchers.  In a participatory research model, both academics and community residents are “experts” with different areas of expertise.  As a result, research conducted using this model is qualitatively different than research reports conducted using traditional researcher-subject methods.

IRJ Welcomes New Community Advisory Board Members

The Institute on Race and Justice Community Advisory Board (IRJCAB) is central to IRJ’s mission to produce quality social justice research that can be used to address complex community issues. The CAB consists of twelve local community practitioners who represent various agencies and provide a broad range of expertise in community practice… Continue Reading

Headshot of Amy Farrell
Amy Farrell
Associate Director and Co-Director of the VJRL
Headshot of Lisa Laguerre
Lisa Laguerre
Associate Director of Community Relations
Headshot of Carlos Cuevas
Carlos Cuevas
Co-Director of the VJRL