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Book Banning in Public Schools is on the Rise

Book banning has become increasingly more common in schools across the country with a target placed specifically on novels featuring or written by people of color and/or queer people. This article highlights how politicians are now inserting themselves into the libraries of public schools while in the past parents were predominantly the ones seeking to deprive their children of diverse and meaningful content.

Books are a way for those of us who are uncomfortable with some of these conversations to start those conversations in classes. There are so many wonderful, complex conversations we can have with these books.

Jaci Urbani, Director of the Early Childhood Special Education Program for Mills College at Northeastern in Oakland, California

We will be visiting the topic of book banning and censorship of progressive ideas in schools and beyond at our annual symposium, “Feminists on the Politics of Crisis”, this coming March 23-24.

Read the full story here.

(Photo by: Northeastern)

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