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Writing Program Faculty partner with CATLR to redesign courses

Several Writing Program Faculty are working with the Center for the Advancement of Teaching & Learning through Research (CATLR) to redesign their courses or research their ideas. From Service-Learning fellows to Faculty Scholars, here are some of the faculty who will be embarking on pedagogical projects:

Sarah Finn has been a Service-Learning Fellow this year and will continue to be a Fellow in the fall.  She also presented at the CCCC (Conference on College Composition and Communication) this year on a panel with Laura Proszak and alum Kristi Girdharry. The title of her talk was “Languaging Toward a More Just Campus: Student Activism and Privilege.”

Laurie Edwards was Interim Director of the Writing Program this year where she was able to participate in the Graduate Student Mentoring Network in First-Year Writing and represent the Writing Program at the Dean’s Chairs Council. She taught a new course, Writing to Heal, and is currently working on a new health/science book project. She was accepted into next year’s Service-Learning Fellows Program, where she will be implementing a public health/advocacy service-learning project for ENGW 3306.

Ellen Jackson participated in the CATLR (Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning Through Research) summer program on course design. As part of CATLR’s teaching support she was able to redesign her AWD in the Business Professions course. This year Ellen has served as the faculty representative on the Writing Program Committee.

Kelly Garneau and Laurie Nardone were accepted into next year’s cohort of CATLR (Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning through Research) Faculty Scholars to explore motivation and success in ENGW 1110.

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