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Applications for Cohort 3 are now closed. Applications for Cohort 4, the final cohort, will begin early 2025. Stay tuned for more information.

Are you interested in participating in CALI’s Program of Study Cohort 3? Read below for more information and to apply.

You can apply as a trainee, supervising partner, or as a partnering interpreter referral agency:


Ideally a diverse group of credentialed Deaf, Coda, and hearing interpreters, the trainees will have at least 3 years of professional interpreting experience. Trainees will be required to commit to the full program of study including the four online modules, PAVE, participation in a Community of Practice, and 40 hours of induction. Trainees should plan on spending 3-5 hours per week on this work.

Supervising Partner

Supervising partners will be experienced Deaf, Coda, or hearing interpreters who are certified and have some supervisory experience, e.g., having served as a practicum supervisor or as a mentor to newer interpreters. Supervising partners will be required to complete the online Supervising Partner Module, to review the four trainee online modules, and to participate in PAVE, and a Community of Practice. Supervising partners will work closely with the trainees during the induction program, ensuring that each trainee completes at least 40 hours of induction with a minimum of 10 of those hours being supervised. Supervising partners should plan on spending 3-5 hours per week on this work.

Partnering Interpreter Referral Agency

A major role of the partnering interpreter referral agency is to recruit the following participants: 4 trainees, 3 alternate trainees, 2 supervising partners, and 2 alternate supervising partners. See above for trainee and supervising partner criteria. Alternate trainees and supervising partners will follow along in self-directed versions of the facilitated modules offered in the program of study. If a trainee or supervising partner is unable to continue, an alternate will step in and take their place in the program. Agency representatives will also create induction opportunities to support the trainees in meeting the 40 hours of work with people who use a range of atypical sign language and schedule each trainee to work with a supervising partner for at least 10 hours. These 10 hours are part of the 40, NOT in addition to the 40.


Trainees will earn $2,400 for their work during induction.

Supervising Partners will earn $1,750 for their supervisory work.

Partnering Interpreter Referral Agencies will earn $1,000 for recruitment and administrative assistance and will serve as the fiscal agent for their trainees ($2,400 for each trainee and $1,750 for each supervising partner).


Upon successful completion of the Program of Study, trainees will earn 11.0 CEUs and supervising partners will earn 7.8 CEUs.

Northeastern University ASL & Interpreting Education Program is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for continuing education activities. The modules listed above have been approved for RID CEUs at Some Content Knowledge Level under the area of Professional Studies. Northeastern University does not discriminate in any way and actively promotes an environment of mutual respect, safety and equity.

Applications close Friday, February 23, 2024.