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Facilitated Online Modules (October-March)

Trainees participate in the following modules spread over 6 months.

Module 1 – An Introduction to Atypical Language: Contributing Factors and Implications

Module 2 – Working with Individuals Exhibiting Atypical Language: Unpacking Our Bias, Understanding Our Privilege

Module 3 – Interpreting Strategies for Individuals with Atypical Language

Module 4 – Decision Points: Working with Diverse Consumers Exhibiting Atypical Language

Supervising Partner Module (December-March)

The 3-month online training is facilitated by an experienced supervisor.

Practical Application Virtual Experience (March-May)

After completing the modules, the trainees and supervising partners participate in a 6-week online, interactive training to begin implementing what was learned in the modules and to prepare for induction.

Induction (May-September)

Trainees and supervising partners work together in a supervised induction process for 40 hours over 16 weeks. Induction is designed to provide the trainees with ongoing supervision and guidance while interpreting for d/Deaf and DeafBlind individuals with atypical language. 

Communities of Practice (May-September)

Finally, the trainees and supervising partners will participate in facilitated online Communities of Practice during induction. These are private, online discussions where trainees and supervising partners participate in collective learning and support one another through induction. 


Trainees have the opportunity to earn a total of 11.0 CEUs. Supervising Partners have the opportunity to earn a total of 7.8 CEUs.

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Recruitment for the next cohort will start in early 2024. Be sure to subscribe to CALI’s mailing list to receive updates. Click the mailing list button in the top right corner of the website to join.

Northeastern University ASL & Interpreting Education Program is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for continuing education activities. The modules listed above have been approved for RID CEUs at Some Content Knowledge Level under the area of Professional Studies. Northeastern University does not discriminate in any way and actively promotes an environment of mutual respect, safety and equity.