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Chapter by Madhavi Venkatesan and Martina Yorde published in Studies in Marketing text

Congratulations to Martina Yorde Rincon (BS Economics/Business 2023) and Professor Madhavi Venkatesan for their paper "Socially Responsible Consumption and Marketing in Practice" that was published in in the new book, "Dealing with Socially Responsible Consumers - Studies in Marketing."

Chapter, “Socially Responsible Consumption and Marketing in Practice” in Dealing with Socially Responsible Consumers – Studies in Marketing

by Madhavi VenkatesanMartina Yorde RinconKathleen GreversShannon M. Welch & Elizabeth L. Cline


Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter offer both unique and overlapping opportunities to connect with people. The use of images and visual content reduces language barriers, while ease of access to these media applications increases routine engagement. This chapter provides a brief historical overview of social media, specifically addressing how social media has been used for advertising and information dissemination. We then look at two specific social media campaigns that originated to promote understanding of needed action and social change: #PayUp and #HashtagRevolt, where both are related to the fashion industry. We provide outcomes of these campaigns, including campaign accomplishments, learnings, and implications. In concluding, we acknowledge limitations related to using social media for social change, highlight the ambiguities, and a rationale for ongoing regulatory oversight.

Link to pdf of Chapter

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