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The two types of workshops:

  • Industrial Organization
  • Labor/Development/Macro

During the academic year, each workshop will meet on Mondays (IO at 10:30 am and Labor/Dev/Macro at 12:00) in 316 Lake Hall.

The key idea behind the PhD Workshops is to help PhD students as much as possible to move forward on their dissertation, to learn from each other, and from faculty, and to nurture their presentation skills.

All Ph.D. students are required to attend at least one of the two workshops each week. 

In addition, PhD students in their 3rd year or higher are required to present their research each semester at either the IO or Labor/Development/Macro PhD Workshops.

During the summer, PhD workshops are typically held once a week.

Fall 2022 Schedule

Industrial OrganizationDateTimeLocation
Yushuo Pan3-Oct10:30 am316 Lake Hall
Zhehui Zheng17-Oct10:30 am316 Lake Hall
David Hummel31-Oct10:30 am316 Lake Hall
Diana Li7-Nov10:30 am316 Lake Hall
Shenghao Peng14-Nov10:30 am316 Lake Hall
Yanli Liu5-Dec10:30 am316 Lake Hall
Philip Rubin-Streit3-Oct12:00 noon316 Lake Hall
Yanchi Zou17-Oct12:00 noon316 Lake Hall
Jiacheng (Leo) Liang24-Oct12:00 noon316 Lake Hall
Redina Tahaj7-Nov12:00 noon316 Lake Hall
Roy Gernhardt14-Nov12:00 noon316 Lake Hall
Tomere Stern5-Dec12:00 noon316 Lake Hall
Zachary Finn5-Dec12:00 noon316 Lake Hall