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  • If you are taking ECON 1115 and a recitation is required, you should also be registered for ECON 1125. If you are taking ECON 1116 and a recitation is required, you should also be registered for ECON 1126. 
  • ECON 2350 Statistics for Economists is not permitted to be used as an economics elective.  This holds whether you are pursuing a Minor in economics, have changed from an economics Major into an economics Minor (and happened to have already taken ECON 2350 towards your then-economics Major requirements), or any other circumstance.
  • If you have taken Statistics elsewhere as a requirement for your major, or taken any other stats course, you may NOT request to substitute ECON 2350, Statistics for Economists, as an elective.
  • To those of you who still need to satisfy the Econ Capstone requirement, there are two Econ course options to satisfy such requirement: ECON 4692 Senior Seminar and ECON 4997 Senior Thesis.  
    • ECON 4692 does not have ECON 2560 Econometrics as a prerequisite, while ECON 4997 does.  
    • ECON 4997 typically requires the writing of an empirical senior thesis, while 4692 may not require it.
  • Directed Studies (Individual Instruction) require, as a first step, the submission of a proposal and, next, the submission of an individual registration form. This information can be found on the Registrar’s website at Repetition of Directed Studies is discouraged. Fed or Fiscal Challenge participation may not count as Individual Instruction/Directed Study credit.  Directed Studies may not replace any course.  
  • Please work with your advisor to ensure transfer credits that may impact future registration are fully processed through TRS. Begin this process early.  CSSH info on transfer credit can be found here:

Please note:

The Department of Economics does not over-enroll classes and cannot circumvent existing waitlists.

The Department of Economics does NOT go over caps for online sections.  

Overrides for a course in another department need to be done by that department. 

Late course registrations are not accepted for the summer sessions and for exceptional circumstances only during the fall and spring semesters, requiring instructor approval soon after web add/drop period.

Other FAQs

Overrides remove a specific registration error but do not guarantee a seat in a class.

Waitlists are not managed by the Department of Economics. If a seat on the waitlist if available, follow these instructions to add yourself.

Please note, the department is unable to circumvent existing waitlists. If the waitlist is full, you will be unable to join. If you are unable to join a waitlist, it is either full or closed. If you are unable to join a waitlist with an open seat, please contact the Registrar.

A spot on the waitlist does not guarantee a seat in the class.

The Department of Economics does not over-enroll classes.

The Department of Economics does not over-enroll classes, regardless of modality.

Registration overrides will not be provided solely for circumstances outside the control of the Department of Economics, including but not limited to:

– Holds on student record
– I Am Here deadline was missed
– Student accidentally dropped a class
– Changing instructors
– Student is on co-op

In these instances, contact your academic advisor to review your plan of study.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please drop by 301 Lake Hall for assistance or reach out to:

Professor Gustavo Vicentini, Undergraduate Director,

Undergraduate Director