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Job Market Candidates

Professor James Dana
Placement Director
Phone: 617-373-7517
Email: j.dana@northeastern.edu

Carlos Casso Dominguez

Field:  Industrial Organization
Job Market Paper:  Exclusive territories regulations in the pharmacies market in Pamplona
CV| Website | cassodominguez.c@husky.neu.edu
References: James Dana (chair), John Kwoka, Imke Reimers

Richard Paulsen

Fields: Labor (primary), IO (secondary)
Job Market Paper:  New Approaches to the Study of Shirking in Major League Baseball
CVWebsite | paulsen.ri@husky.neu.edu
References: Mindy Marks (chair), Neil Alper, Alicia Sasser Modestino, Dave Gulley

 Rachel Brown Sederberg

Field: Labor
Job Market Paper:  Modeling Involuntary Part Time as the New Temporary Layoff
CVWebsite | sederberg.r@husky.neu.edu
References: William Dickens (chair), Robert Triest, Alicia Sasser Modestino, Akira Motomura

Shuang Wang

Fields: Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics, E-commercial Economics, Health Economics, Transportation Economics
Job Market Paper:  Does Platform’s Recognition Matter? Evidence from Taobao’s Golden Seller
CV| Website| wang.shuan@husky.neu.edu
References: James Dana (chair), John Kwoka, Imke Reimers

Hanchun Zhang

Fields: Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics/Macroeconomics
Job Market Paper: Does Baggage Fee Policy Improve the Service Quality on U.S. Air Routes?
CVWebsite | hanc@husky.neu.edu
References: James Dana (chair), John Kwoka, Imke Reimers