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The Economics Master’s Student Association is a career and network development focused organization for exclusively economics Master students. Events and lunch meetings (such as information sessions, forums, and professor panels) will be scheduled periodically with a focus on developing career plans while in the program and upon graduation.

Friday March 24, 12:00 to 1:00 pm at 316 Lake Hall (and via Zoom)

A Career Path in Data Analytics featuring Timmy Odunuga

Timmy Odunuga is a Northeastern Alumni who studied Information Technology and Environmental Science in his time here, and since has worked at Big Sun Holdings, Intuit and currently a fintech startup. His experience will prove very valuable to students looking to pursue careers in the fields of data analytics or tech more broadly.

Please reach out to for the zoom link if you have not received it.

Meet the MSA Student Leadership team

If you are a MS in Economics student and interested in signing up:


Economics Master’s Student Association

  • Esther Aladenika 
  • Shuhui An  
  • Rimsha Awan
  • Samuel Yeboah Boateng
  • Maria Cabella 
  • Suraj Chawla
  • Yue Chen
  • Yuxi Chen
  • William Diodato
  • Kalide Endale
  • Yi Fan 
  • Zachary Findling 
  • Ruixin Gao 
  • Xingkai Han
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  • Mercy Iyelobu 
  • Yu Ji  
  • Donovan Johnson
  • Punya Kalra
  • Xiaorui Kong
  • Jacob Koski 
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  • Max Pan 
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  • Elizabeth Santana 
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  • Emma Sharff
  • Yuxin Shi
  • Yuqing Sun
  • Siyan Sun 
  • Yishui Tian 
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  • Wennan Wang 
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  • Zuqian Wang 
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  • Zeyu Wang 
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  • Jiamin Wu 
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  • Xiaodan Yang
  • Baishan Yao
  • Xiajie (Charlene) Yu 
  • Yichen Zhao
  • Zheng Zhao
  • Yinan Zhao 
  • Derong Zheng 
  • Jixing (Harry) Zheng
  • Yuji Zhong 
  • Tianjiayi Zhu  
  •  Rohma Zubair  

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