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Kapica (PhD ’15) accepts tenure-track position at Keuka College

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Steven Kapica (Ph.D. ’15) has accepted a tenure-track position as Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Writing Program at Keuka College in New York. This is a new position, and Steven has been hired to build and provide vision for the writing program. 

Steven has a piece in a forthcoming essay collection titled The Dark Side of Stand-Up Comedy. His chapter is on a controversial and posthumously-released bit by George Carlin, and is titled “‘I Kinda Like It When A Lotta People Die’: George Carlin’s Comedic Catharsis.” Steven is currently working on revisions of his 2018 MLA conference paper, “‘Like a Realtor in Peoria’: Patton Oswalt, Twitter, and Heckling as Social Activism,” for publication in the journal Studies in American Humor. At RSA 2018, Steven participated in a research network with Quarterly Journal of Speech editor Mary Stuckey, and he is revising an article version of a dissertation chapter based on the feedback he received.

Steven defended his dissertation, “Permeable Boundaries: Rhetorical Delivery and the Negotiation of Obscenity,” (directed by Chris Gallagher) in July 2015.

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