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Research-Intensive Classes

Research experience is an integral part of the history major, and students will be able to complete major research projects in our three required seminars for the undergraduate major.

HIST 1200 / 1201 – Historical Research and Writing

HIST 2301 / 2302 – History Seminar

HIST 4701 – Capstone Seminar

For current offerings of these courses and proposed themes, check our current listings or contact the professor teaching the course.

Other Opportunities to do Research for Credit

HIST 2991: Research Practicum for credit (2-4 credits)

HIST 2991 is a course designed for students who are interested in engaging in independent or group research under the supervision of a faculty member. Registering for this course offers students an opportunity to learn basic research methods within History. In order to enroll in this class, you must be Sophomore standing or higher and have permission and collaboration from an instructor.

Honors in the Major

Applications due in the fall semester of students’ final year.

Undergraduate students can receive honors distinction in their major on their transcripts by successfully completing a CSSH honors research project. Students need not be members of the university-wide Honors Program to receive Honors in the Major. Ordinarily the scholarly project will be a single project pursued for two semesters and, although the project need not be done for academic credit, it will be equivalent to the work required by a minimum of 8 semester hours of academic coursework.  Students carrying out an honors project will ordinarily register for HIST 4970 Junior/Senior Honors Project 1 one semester and HIST 4971 Junior/Senior Honors Project 2 in the subsequent semester, where HIST is the departmental prefix. With the consent of the department, the student may register for one semester of another appropriate course with the departmental prefix.

Research Funding

Opportunities within the Department

Research experience work-study

Hired at the beginning of each semester.

If you qualify for work-study through your financial aid package, you may use the work-study money to work as a research assistant for a professor. Work study-eligible students can apply directly to the History Department. If arrangements have been made to work with a particular faculty member, the department can allocated work study resources accordingly.

Contact Kirsten Bilas, M.Ed. at for more information

Opportunities within the College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Undergraduate Research Initiative

Applications due in March, July and October for research in subsequent terms.

Application Link

The Undergraduate Research Initiative (URI) encourages undergraduate students in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities to carry out research and other creative activities in collaboration with, or under the close supervision of, faculty members with relevant research expertise. With the support of this fund, the College aims to help undergraduate students develop or enhance research competencies, including formulating research questions, developing a theoretical framework, defining the scope of a project and writing a proposal, developing a literature review, collecting data, conducting analysis, and writing up results. Students can request up to $1500.

Brudnick Center Student Research Award (spring deadline for Summer Research)

Application due in mid-March for Summer and Fall research.

The Brudnick Center on Violence and Conflict supports research that seeks solutions to problems of hostility and hatred arising from inter-group conflict and differences. The expectation is that the research results will lead to increased understating of the sources of inter-group tension and hatred in order to promote cooperation between and among groups. Please inquiry with Gordana Rabrenovic ( for more information. Students can request up to $1000.

Gideon Klein Award in the Jewish Studies Program

Applications due in Spring.

During the Holocaust, many musicians and other artists were persecuted by the Nazis, some because they were Jewish, others because of the content of their art. We invite you to apply for the Gideon Klein Award. The Award is open to students in any major. The Gideon Klein Scholar will either create an original work, prepare a performance, or do research. At the end of the academic year, he/she will offer a public presentation at Northeastern and archive the project on the Jewish studies website. Students at Northeastern, Hebrew College, and the New England Conservatory are eligible to apply. Please inquire with Jenny Sartori ( for more information.

Hong Liu Asian Studies Student Award

Applications due December and April.

The Asian Studies Student Award supports study abroad, international research, internship, and co-op abroad opportunities for bachelors and masters students at Northeastern University who intend to pursue careers focusing on building relations between the United States and Asia on the basis of peace, justice, and mutual understanding. These awards can be used to partially support travel or living expenses not covered by other sources. Please inquire with Gavin Shatkin ( for more information. Students can request up to $2000.

Opportunities within the University

PEAK Experiences Awards

Applications have various deadlines depending on the exact award.

The PEAK Experiences Awards are a progressively structured sequence of opportunities designed to support learners as they continue climbing to new heights of achievement in undergraduate research and creative endeavor throughout their Northeastern journeys.

From the beginner surveying the landscape with a Campfire Chat or establishing a Base Camp, to those gaining experience while making the Ascent and Building Bridges, to those reaching the Summit, Blazing new Trails, and Shouting Out their successes, the PEAK Experiences Awards offer something for everyone.

Award amounts range from $500 – $3000.

Forums for Presenting or Publishing Research

Undergraduate Research Forum, mid March

Application are due mid February.

CSSH is inviting undergraduates to submit a proposal to present at the annual Undergraduate Research Forum. Any undergraduate CSSH student who has conducted original research independently or in collaboration with a faculty member is eligible to participate. Presentations will be 10 minutes long and presenters will have the opportunity to discuss their work with the audience.

RISE, early April

Each year, in an effort to support Northeastern University’s commitment to use-inspired research and solution focused innovation, hundreds of students and faculty members embark on an exciting opportunity to showcase the research and innovative thinking of the Northeastern community at the Research, Innovation, and Scholarship Expo (RISE).

NUANCE: CSSH Undergraduate Research Journal, in formation

A new CSSH journal is in formation as a platform for publishing new research in the social sciences and humanities conducted and written by undergraduate students. The new journal will be an entirely student run operation, with the editors, editorial board, and reviewers comprised entirely of undergraduate students. For more information, please contact Professor Christopher Parsons at