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Co-op Reflection: Bidisha Das

Bidisha Das, an Urban Informatics student from New Delhi, India, is currently completing a co-op at Amazon as a Machine Learning Data Associate. She’s already been featured in their monthly employee newsletter for successfully leading a machine learning project to its completion with her team. Despite having to do her work virtually, Bidisha is enjoying the experience as well as the camaraderie with her fellow teammates.

Name: Bidisha Das
Program: M.S., Urban Informatics
Hometown: New Delhi, India

What were some of your core responsibilities at your co-op? Were there any particular tasks that you really enjoyed? 

I am working everyday with core machine learning teams, and my responsibilities revolve around cleaning data, analysis of data, reporting and submitting the project. It is a whole project life cycle experience.  

What surprised you most about your co-op? 

I am learning a lot in my co-op, despite it being virtual. I am impressed with how my teammates are able to still connect with me to talk about project deadlines or any other concerns.

What course(s) do you feel best prepared you for your co-op experience? 

There are two courses which helped me immensely. The first one is Big Data for Cities which I took with Prof. Dan O’Brien in Fall 2019 and then Computational Statistics in my first semester. 

Would you recommend other students pursue a co-op experience? Why? 

Definitely, because it’s a learning experience of what the corporate world actually looks like and how everyday work is accomplished.

What was it like to do a virtual co-op? 

I actually enjoy it because my teammates are very involved and encouraging. It almost feels like working in an office.

For more on Bidisha and why she chose her degree and Northeastern…

What made you decide to pursue your degree?
I am from a social science background but wanted to get exposure to the field of informatics. The Urban Informatics program is the perfect blend of both.

Why Northeastern?
Northeastern has long been known for work in public policy and changes in the city. Also, the co-op program is a very valuable addition to my educational experience.

What sorts of on-campus activities are you involved in? Why would you encourage students to make the most of their time here?
I am working on campus at the Office of Global Services. I work with international students everyday answering their queries, and it’s a lot of fun.

Name a memorable course or even class period:
I really enjoyed my ArcGIS (a geographic information system) class with professor Glenn Hazelton, where I created interesting visualizations on maps. I also thoroughly enjoyed my Urban Theory class with Prof. Daniel O’Brien where I learned a lot about cities and their theories in depth.

What do you love about Boston? Any recommendations for fun activities and/or restaurants?
I love the city of Boston. It’s very cute and cozy without any chaos. I especially like the Charles River Esplanade and Chinatown for eating, especially the Dumpling Cafe.

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