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Ready to join the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs? Apply today using the online system. Submit all application materials, including letters of recommendation, via this online system. Fall, spring and summer admissions are available for select programs.


Master’s Program: Fall Term
February 15: “Priority deadline” for Fall term Masters programs applicants to be considered for merit aid.
June 15: Master’s applicants (international)
August 15: Master’s and Certificate applicants (non-international)
August 15: Special Student applicants (non-international only)

Master’s Program: Spring Term
October 1: Master’s applicants (international)
December 15: Master’s and Certificate applicants (non-international)
December 15: Special Student applicants (non-international only)

Doctoral ProgramFall Term Only
December 15: All PhD applicants

Required Materials

Standardized test scores such as the GRE are not required for Masters and PhD applicants to the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs. However, such test scores may be helpful for applicants with little or no experience beyond undergraduate school.

Additional Admissions Information