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Welcome to the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs at Northeastern University!

Welcome to the Policy School at Northeastern University in Boston!

For nearly two decades, the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs has been on a transformative journey, adapting to the ever-changing landscape of public policy and urban affairs. While our foundational mission of advancing interdisciplinary research, offering policy-relevant professional training, and fostering community engagement remains unwavering, we are also embracing the challenges of the present day. We are charting a path toward the future of the Policy School—a future that transcends geographical boundaries, strengthens community connections, and ignites action.

The inaugural Impact Report stands as a testament to our collective resilience, innovation, and progress over the past year. This report underscores the profound impact the Policy School has had. Our faculty and students have not only engaged with but also reshaped the policy discourse, addressing critical issues ranging from environmental justice, climate action, and youth employment to gun violence and energy transformation.

Built upon a foundation of impactful scholarship and experiential learning, we are dedicated to informing, innovating, and inspiring. As a hub for interdisciplinary research tackling both local and global challenges, the Policy School places great emphasis on respecting the autonomy and agency of the communities it engages with. Our collaborations are built on a foundation of mutual respect, and our commitment to lifelong learning is unwavering. We pledge to co-design, co-create, and co-own ideas, innovations, and achievements.

Our students collaborate closely with faculty on research and community outreach, preparing for diverse careers in government agencies, businesses, non-governmental organizations, international entities, and academia. We proudly house the Boston Area Research Initiative (BARI), the Dukakis Center for Regional and Urban Policy, and the Social Impact Lab, fostering partnerships with research centers across the university.

Committed to nurturing tomorrow’s change-makers, we equip them to confront today’s challenges and shape the future. Our aspiration is to cultivate individuals who transcend boundaries, bridge disciplines, and unify concepts and actions from local neighborhoods to the global stage. As we infuse social and racial justice into every facet of teaching, research, campus relationships, and community engagement, we hold ourselves accountable for the impact of our words and deeds, fostering consistent and constructive dialogue.

Northeastern University is a vibrant hub for learning and living. The notion of “impossible” holds no place in our narrative, as showcased by the ambitious academic plan—Experience Unleashed. The Policy School is poised to bolster these aspirations through innovative problem-solving, preparing students for impactful lives, and contributing to the public good, spanning from our Boston neighborhoods to nations worldwide. Our combined efforts bring us closer to a world that is just, resilient, and sustainable.

I invite you to explore our School further, and to engage in online and on-campus discussions. Consider signing up for our newsletter, connecting with us, or attending a class or public lecture.


Maria Ivanova
Director, School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs

Northeastern University