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We know nothing enhances learning as much as hands-on experience. In the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, you’ll apply new skills across a range of contexts, from the classroom to your community.

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    Co-op is an opportunity for students in the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs to complete full time, six-month research and work experiences in nonprofit, public, and private sector institutions in Greater Boston and across the United States.

    Co-op Resources
    School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs co-op employers include
    • Commonwealth of Massachusetts
    • Boston Children’s Hospital
    • Massachusetts General Hospital
    • City of Boston
    • Massachusetts Department of Public Health
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    The Policy Capstone is a School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs graduate course where our partners and our students integrate research, policy, and practice in real-world projects. It is an opportunity for graduate students to use their skills and knowledge to support a local, community-led initiative as well as an opportunity for our public service and non-profit partners to increase their networks and capacity to push a project forward.

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    Dialogues of Civilizations are faculty-led programs, offered during the summer, that focus on critical issues facing students and their peers at both the local and global levels.

    Previous CSSH dialogues include
    • Interdisciplinary Public Health, Politics, and Culture in Kenya
    • The Twenty-First Century City: Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan
    • Conflict Resolution at the United Nations
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    Service-Learning enables students to combine academics and service by engaging with community partners on relevant projects and research. In the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, faculty and students intentionally seek out opportunities and needs to engage with Boston partners in order to address complex problems, serve communities and build a just, sustainable, and resilient world.

    SPPUA Service Learning partners include
    • City of Boston
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    Study abroad programs allow students to study in another country and transfer credit back to Northeastern University.

    Study Abroad
    Partner institutions include
    • London School of Economics
    • Oxford University
    • University of Hong Kong
    • University of Sydney