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The Northeastern Association for Public Policy Students (NAPPS) is a graduate student group founded by students in the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs that aims to provide a forum for students to come together, exchange ideas, and collaborate on professional development and a myriad of projects in a range of policy fields.

Career and Networking Development

NAPPS, which was founded by students in 2014, serves as an academic, professional, and social community for the School’s graduate students.

  1. Outlet to establish community and connections for students who work full time
  2. Networking opportunities with SPPUA alumni
  3. Research collaboration and sharing of ideas

“A lot of us are working full time, I think you miss out on that social aspect that you might have with a full-time program so that’s where NAPPS can come in, fill that gap and create more opportunities for students to get to know each other. That has been one of the best things about this Masters program–the informal conversations I’ve had with people before and after class and these meetings. People don’t think of that as much, and that’s really valuable.”

Kathleen Kenney, MPA, ’15

Annual Career Event

NAPPS’ cornerstone event is an annual two-part career workshop: a career networking event and a first-hand testimonial panel featuring our alumni. This spring event is open to the public.

For more information, or to join NAPPS, email Linda Kowalcky: