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Student Award Winners, 2021-2022

It is with great pleasure that we announce this year's student award winners!

Barry Bluestone “Think & Do” Awards
This award recognizes the capstone project that embodies our ideal of timely, evidence-based, policy-focused research that addresses an important problem for a client with an intent of positive social change. 

  • Fall 2021 | Supporting Equity, Economic and Social Inclusion in Boston’s Small Businesses
    Client: Boston Mayor’s Office of Economic Development 
    Students: Mia Fasano, Benjamin Gould, and Thao Nguyen
  • Spring 2022 | Rezoning Without Gentrification: 3 Neighborhoods in Muskegon, Michigan
    Client: Three Neighborhoods One Community (3N1C)
    Students: Donald Alexis, Jasmine Barnwell, Leah Grannum, and Rebecca Piltch
  • Spring 2022 | Creating a StoryMap
    Client: Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
    Students: Emma DeGrandi, Sydney Peterson, and Charlotte Whittle
  • Spring 2022 | The State of Pro Bono Legal Services in Massachusetts
    Client: Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Standing Committee on Pro Bono Legal Services
    Students: Noor Ali Hassan, Nicholas Fuller, Brandon Goldman, Dejah Williams, and Jazmine Torres

Graduate Student Leadership Awards
This award is given to a student who demonstrates not only the desire to build a strong community among SPPUA students, but also the will to follow through on that desire. 

  • Andrea Cass, MS in Environmental Science and Policy
  • Jude Hernandez, MS in Urban Planning and Policy
  • Liam Monahan, Master of Public Administration

Community Impact Awards
This award is given to a student who demonstrates a deep commitment to partnering with others to address community issues and thereby bring about transformative change.­ 

  • Donald Alexis, MS in Urban Planning and Policy
  • Aditi Dholakia, Master of Public Administration
  • Sage Gibbons, MS in Urban Informatics

Outstanding Academic Performance Awards
This award is given to the graduating students (Master’s or PhD) with the highest GPA.

  • Claudia Capria, Master of Public Policy
  • Lyubov Kodreanu, Master of Public Policy
  • Kendra Mikami, MA in International Affairs
  • Zachary Ryan, Master of Public Policy

School Spirit Awards
This award recognizes a student whose academic achievements, outstanding service to the university and larger community, and commitment to putting research into practice embodies the SPPUA spirit.

  • Amira Gertz, Master of Public Administration
  • Eileen Michaud, MS in Urban Planning and Policy

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