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The School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs spearheaded a series of engaging events at Northeastern University’s Arlington campus on May 21, 2024. Policy School Director Maria Ivanova and CSSH Director of Arlington Programs Tracy Corley led the efforts, which included a luncheon with key partners and donors, a focus group session, and an evening panel discussion. College of Social Sciences and Humanities Dean Kellee Tsai participated in the events, demonstrating the College’s support for the Policy School’s initiatives.

The Policy School leveraged its network to gather insights on branding, community building, and partnerships for the Arlington campus, where CSSH offers policy degrees.

The events showcased the School’s commitment to tackling critical issues and strengthening its presence in the DC area. The evening panel, “Gavels in Governance: Legal Action for Environmental Justice,” organized by the Policy School, featured experts sharing insights on legal strategies for addressing environmental injustices and the climate crisis.

The Policy School’s leadership in convening this event demonstrated its dedication to driving positive change and engaging with the Arlington campus community.


Maria Ivanova, Allen Lomax, Kellee Tsai, Tracy Corely, Ed Meehan