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Statement on Racial Justice

During this time of widespread suffering and elevated outrage at the racial injustices of our society, the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs at Northeastern University is expanding our commitment to racial justice. As educators and researchers, our work can have positive impacts on developing strategies and solutions for addressing embedded issues of racism, and we must hold ourselves accountable for how our intellectual and practice-based actions manifest our commitments to eliminating barriers to racial equality. We encourage all members of our SPPUA community, including students, faculty, staff, alumni and community partners to embrace antiracist practices and principles. Given the deep legacy of racial injustice embedded in our culture, our institutions, our communities, our economy, our educational systems, and many of our policies, we must acknowledge that when we are not actively resisting structural racism we are inadvertently perpetuating it. We must reflect on how we, as individuals and with our institutional affiliations, may have played a role in shaping the injustices embedded within our society, and on what we can do as we act in this moment. Anti-racist leadership requires continual recognition and active resistance to racism in all its many forms and structures.

With so much work to be done, our SPPUA community has multiple ways to contribute to the societal changes that are needed. Our work focuses in the interconnected areas of employment, housing, climate, energy, economic development, health, public safety, ethical public management, non-profit management, data analysis, educational access, food security, community-based economics, and urban planning. All of these areas create opportunities to address racial and social inequalities. We look forward to developing and supporting collaborative efforts to expand the ways we engage with the world, including how we train our students, how we design our research, and how we interact with our community partners.

With courage, compassion, and commitment to strive for a more just and resilient future.

In solidarity,

Jennie Stephens

Photo by James Eades

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