Professor Daniel Aldrich in "Meeting The Challenge"

A webisode from The Resilience Age

The Resilience Age is a soon to be released documentary by The Rockefeller Foundation. The film was directed by Daniel Fries, ECD of Leroy & Clarkson. According to the Rockefeller Foundation their view of Resilience is: Helping cities, organizations, and communities better prepare for, respond to, and transform from disruption. Professor Aldrich speaks about his time in New Orleans and in the neighborhoods of Detroit, where community relationships have helped people survive and even thrive. To see the other 3 webisodes go to the website for The Resilience Age.


To see more videos with Professor Aldrich visit the Media page on his website by clicking here.


Political Science News

Democracy and Secularism on Trial

Extending last November’s conference participation at the Northeastern Political Science Association conference , participants in the Humanities Center Research Cluster on Freedom of Religion v. National Identity: Democracy and Secularism on Trial will be presenting at the upcoming conference of the New England Political Science Association in Portland, Maine on April 27, 2019.

Reflections on the 25th anniversary of the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda

  On April 5, 25 Political Science Senior Capstone Students – in collaboration with Professor Natalie Bormann – contributed to this year’s Holocaust and Genocide Awareness Week on campus. The capstone group organized, and held, a symposium that featured presentations by each student on “Reflections on the 25th anniversary of the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda“. The presentations were based…
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“There’s no better place to make the difference than the government”

Students in Northeastern University’s Department of Political Science had two opportunities to meet with elected leaders who started their careers just a few years out of college, talking about how they got involved in politics and sharing perspective on making changes, from Boston City Hall to the German Bundestag.   Johannes Vogel talked to students…
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Freedom of Religion versus National Identity

Northeastern University’s Political Science Research Cluster showcased at NPSA in Montreal   Northeastern University Political Science graduate students Tasbiha Batool and Juheon Lee presented their papers last November as part of the panel “Religious Freedom and National Identity in Fragile Democracies: Turkish, Korean, and Nigerian Experiences” at the Northeastern Political Science Association in Montreal. The students’ papers…
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Political Science Events


Is Cyber Resilience Possible?

  “Contemporary Issues in Security and Resilience Studies” Speaker Series Event Globalization, misaligned incentives, distorted influence by major providers, legacy infrastructure designed and implemented before the cyber threat was well understood and the vast complexity of hardware, targeted attacks by powerful adversaries as well as a cadre of less powerful but numerous actors and software…
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Calamity’s Reward: The Elusive Art of Resilience and Repair

“Contemporary Issues in Security and Resilience Studies” Speaker Series Event Jeff Howe is an assistant professor at Northeastern University. A longtime contributing editor at Wired magazine, he coined the term crowdsourcing in a 2006 article for that magazine. In 2008 he published a book with Random House that looked more deeply at the phenomenon of massive…
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The Networked Digital Earth for Climate Adaptation and Resilient Engineering

  “Contemporary Issues in Security and Resilience Studies” Speaker Series Event Auroop R. Ganguly is a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Northeastern University, with 20+ years professional experience spanning the private sector (including Oracle Corporation and multiple startups), government research (US DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory), and academia. He has authored a textbook…
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