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Economics at Northeastern focuses on the application of economics to real-world problems of policy and business.

Our undergraduate program features co-op work experience integrated with classroom studies and undergraduate research opportunities. Our Master’s program provides students with the analytical skills and experience necessary for a wide range of jobs and career advancement. Our PhD degree in applied economics readies students to lead research in government, consulting, and legal support as well as prepares them to teach economics.

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Department of Economics News

Insights from Alicia Sasser Modestino on the Economy during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Global Resilience Institute, June 2020..
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Can COVID-19 Get Congress to Finally Strengthen U.S. Antitrust Law?

“The best study on the effect of mergers on consumer prices is Professor John Kwoka’s meta-analysis of post-merger evaluation studies.” Washington Monthly ..
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During the Crisis: Should the antitrust traffic light be red, yellow or green?

Professor John Kwoka participated in a roundtable with fellow antitrust experts to get a sense of whether merger policy should change now – if at all, and whether Big Tech warrants the scrutiny that’s been lobbed its way. ..
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Innovation will help us rebuild

May. 17, 2020 – The Boston Globe..
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With plummeting revenues, state should impose a temporary tax increase

May. 15, 2020 – The Boston Globe..
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How is the FTC protecting us during the pandemic?

In the Competition Corner of Politico, Professor John Kwoka’s research and new book (Controlling Mergers and Market Power) on how Congress and the antitrust agencies can improve merger reviews is cited…
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Comment: US Merger Freeze Unlikely but Congress could push back timelines

Professor John Kwoka said that a freeze would “preserve the integrity of the merger review process and not really harm or handicap the companies.” mlex Market Insight..
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Merger Policy with 2020 Foresight

Live Stream Discussion
12:00 – 2:00 pm ET..
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05/13/2020 - 08/05/2020

PhD Summer Workshops

Wednesdays, 12:00 noon..
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Congratulations Madhavi Venkatesan

Dr. Madhavi Venkatesan is the lead author for Chapter 18 of Sustainable Wellbeing Futures: A Research and Action Agenda for Ecological Economics

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Congratulations Silvia Prina

Associate Professor Silvia Prina’s paper on “Migration, Money Transfers, and Mobile Money: Evidence from Niger,” has been published in the annual AEA Papers and Proceedings Journal (Vol. 110, May 2020).

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Congratulations Bilge Erten

Assistant Professor Bilge Erten's paper, "Breaking the Cycle? Education and the Intergenerational Transmission of Violence," has  been published in the Review of Economics and Statistics.

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The April Employment Report: A Very Steep Recession Curve

This note highlights the most important features of what will go down — for hopefully a very long time — as a record-shattering report on the employment situation in America.

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Class of 2020

Congratulations to the NU Economics Class of 2020 Award Winners!

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New book by John Kwoka

John Kwoka's new book Controlling Mergers and Market Power:  A Program for Reviving Antitrust in America has been released by CPI.

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