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Ineke Marshall Named Editor-in-Chief of International Criminology Journal

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The Division of International Criminology of the American Society of Criminology (ASC) announced the creation of its new and official journal International Criminology. Ineke Marshall, Northeastern Professor of Criminal Justice and Sociology, was named editor-in-chief.

The journal’s mission is to publish innovative and thought-provoking theoretical, conceptual, empirical and methodological contributions that will enhance and develop the field of international, transnational, comparative and global criminology and criminal justice.

To this new role, Professor Marshall brings a specialization in comparative and international criminology and crime policy, migration and crime, self-report methodology, juvenile delinquency and criminal careers. Her current research focuses on cross-national surveys of juvenile delinquency and comparative examination of homicide. She is also the chair of the Steering Committee of the International Self-Report Study of Delinquency (ISRD), an international collaborative study with participants from countries all over the globe.

Congratulations to Professor Marshall for this new scope of involvement with the Division of International Criminology. We wish her and the team at ASC luck in accomplishing the new journal’s aim to be the premier outlet for peer-reviewed theoretical and empirical work on international, transnational, and comparative criminology and criminal justice.

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