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Research Centers

The Mission of the Center on Crime and Community Resilience (CCR) is to help disadvantaged communities by using research to support innovation of new policy solutions.

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The mission of the Institute on Race and Justice (IRJ) is to utilize strategic social science research methodologies to assist government agencies, educational institutions, and community stakeholders in the development of policy changes to advance the cause of social justice.

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The Violence and Justice Research Laboratory (VJRL) is a branch within IRJ that supports and promotes research in the areas of violence and victimization, its impact and consequences, and the role of the justice system in addressing these issues.

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The mission of the Institute of Security and Public Policy (ISPP) is to develop and promote new approaches and capabilities to security and global governance through knowledge creation, knowledge management, and multilateral cooperation.

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Research Initiatives

The Cambridge-Somerville Youth Study (CSYS) is a delinquency prevention experiment embedded in a prospective longitudinal survey of the development of offending.

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The International Self-Report Delinquency Project (ISRD) is an ongoing research study of delinquency and victimization among youth, using standardized instruments and data collection procedures. The primary focus has been on Europe, but the ISRD project now includes a number of non-European countries (e.g., Brazil, China, Cape Verde, Venezuela).

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