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The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice is home to the Center on Crime, Race, and Justice as well as several research initiatives that are actively engaged in shaping criminal justice policies and programs that advance justice.

The Center on Crime, Race, and Justice

Based at Northeastern University’s School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, the mission of the Center on Crime, Race, and Justice (CRJ) is to make the criminal justice system more equitable and just for all. The CRJ is comprised of five labs that represent distinct but interconnected areas of research.

The labs of CRJ position race and diversity at the forefront of research to understand how diverse communities are differentially impacted by crime, violence, and responses to crime. Our work aims to provide evidence-based reforms to address these disparities in the system

Research Initiatives

Cambridge-Somerville Youth Study

The Cambridge-Somerville Youth Study (CSYS) is a delinquency prevention experiment embedded in a prospective longitudinal survey of the development of offending.

International Self-Report Delinquency Study

The International Self-Report Delinquency Project (ISRD) is an ongoing research study of delinquency and victimization among youth, using standardized instruments and data collection procedures. The primary focus has been on Europe, but the ISRD project now includes a number of non-European countries (e.g., Brazil, China, Cape Verde, Venezuela).

Mass Killing Database

James Alan Fox, Lipman Family Professor of Criminology, Law, and Public Policy at Northeastern University, teamed up with USA TODAY and the Associated Press to launch the Mass Killings database – a public facing website that uses interactive graphics and visuals to break down data on incidences of mass killing in the United States.