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PhD applications due December 1, 2023!

The PlusOne Accelerated Master’s Program allows students to earn a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in less time than if the degrees were completed sequentially. Northeastern undergraduates of any major can complete a PlusOne Master’s in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Similarly, Criminal Justice undergraduates can complete a PlusOne Master’s in any discipline.

Why might this be right for me?

  1. Professionals who enter the workforce with graduate level experience are often more competitive.
  2. The PlusOne option makes financial sense. The PlusOne program allows you to use open undergraduate electives to instead pursue graduate level coursework. By double counting up to 16 credits toward a bachelor’s and master’s degree, you essentially save 50% on your graduate education.
  3. The PlusOne Program can accelerate the completion of a graduate degree. Through proper planning, students complete a master’s in one year and sometimes in one semester.

How do I apply?

  1. Make an appointment with your Undergraduate Academic Advisor to discuss your PlusOne interest and eligibility.
  2. If the advisor determines that you are eligible, you may now work with your advisor to complete and submit the PlusOne application to the SCCJ Graduate Office.
  3. Once you have received proper approval from the department, your application will be sent to the College of Social Sciences and Humanities’ Graduate Office for processing. Processing time may vary depending on the time of application submission. If you want to know the status of your PlusOne application, contact the College of Social Sciences and Humanities Graduate Office at Be sure to specify that you are inquiring about your PlusOne application.

Preparing for PlusOne

Students must apply before the start of their junior year, although it’s never too early to begin planning with your advisor.  Before applying, students must have completed 64 semester hours of undergraduate credit. Students are also encouraged to take the following undergraduate courses to facilitate success in the PlusOne Program: 

Program Outline

Upon admission, students take two of the required master’s courses and two elective courses while an undergraduate. Students then complete the two remaining required courses and two additional electives as a master’s student. All required courses and several elective courses are also offered online to provide additional flexibility. 


For more information, please contact your undergraduate academic advisor, the graduate program coordinator, or the graduate program director. They will be able to give you more details about the program and help determine if this program is right for you. You can also email