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Northeastern Professor receives two EPPY awards for Mass Killings database

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The longest-running and most extensive data source on mass killings, managed by Northeastern professor James Alan Fox, has been honored with two EPPY Awards.

The Associated Press/USA TODAY/Northeastern University Mass Killing Database won the award for “Best Community Service Project/Reporting” and was runner-up for “Best Use of Data/Infographics.”

The database has been accessible to the public only since August, which adds to the distinction. The EPPYs, which are awarded by Editor & Publisher, honor digital news publishers across more than 30 categories. 

Fox’s database references every U.S. mass killing in which four or more people (excluding the offender) were killed within a window of 24 hours, regardless of weapon, location, motivation or victim-offender relationship.

There have been 35 mass shootings so far this year, a number that Fox describes as unprecedented. Overall, since the start of the year, the U.S. has suffered 39 mass killings involving firearms or other weapons.

Read the full story in News@Northeastern.

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