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A co-op in the US Attorney’s Office: Michael’s Story

Michael Lennon, a junior at Northeastern majoring in Criminal Justice & Political Science, recently had the opportunity to pursue a co-op in the Organized Crime and Gang Unit in the US Attorney’s office. As a Legal Support Intern, Michael had the chance to apply classroom knowledge to real world situations.

“I was able to watch trials from start to finish, seeing the law process play out from beginning to end,” said Michael. “I worked directly with attorneys and legal staff, gaining first-hand experience and making meaningful professional connections. The work I did at the Organized Crime and Gang Unit reinforced for me that I want to attend law school.”

Although an invaluable experience, the co-op in the US Attorney’s office was unpaid, complicating an incredible opportunity. However, Michael was awarded a scholarship funded by the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice to support students through unpaid co-ops. The scholarship covers a student’s everyday expenses so they can accept opportunities like Michael’s without having to consider the financial implications.

“Financially, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the scholarship from the School. The funding I received allowed me to pursue a unique and rewarding experience without worry.”

The unpaid co-op scholarship fund through the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice was created specifically for students pursing unpaid opportunities. This fund allows students to consider all the opportunities before them without having to make decisions based on finances.

“It is because of the generous support of alumni and parents that the School can help ease a student’s financial burden, allowing them to choose their co-op based solely on their interests and career aspirations. By leveraging donations in this way we can make a meaningful impact on a student’s career path,” said Director and Professor of the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Amy Farrell.

Post co-op, Michael is enrolled in in summer classes and plans to take the LSAT in August, hoping to begin law school next fall after graduation. A veteran himself, Michael is the president of Northeastern’s Student Veterans Organization, where he is passionate about veteran wellbeing on and off campus. With his remaining time at Northeastern Michael hopes to continue building a sense of community for student veterans. 

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