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Chair’s Welcome

As Chair of Northeastern University’s Department of Sociology and Anthropology, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our department website. We appreciate your “virtual” visit, and hope that you will also come see us in person at our Boston campus. Our department has a long tradition of academic excellence and a proven track record of training new generations of students. Our faculty members specialize in a range of substantive areas, boast numerous areas of theoretical expertise, and employ a diversity of methodological approaches to the study of society and culture — ranging from the quantitative analyses of survey and opinion data to ethnographic accounts of protest movements.

We offer undergraduate degree programs in both Sociology and Cultural Anthropology, as well as Masters and Doctoral degrees in Sociology. Our PhD program offers specializations in Environment & Health, Urban Sociology, Gender, and Globalization, as well as an over-arching emphasis on understanding the causes and consequences of Social Inequality both within and between societies. Our department also maintains strong connections to an array of research centers and institutes at Northeastern including the Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute; the Brudnick Center on Violence and Conflict; the Kitty and Michael Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy; the Institute for Urban Health Research; the Northeastern Environmental Justice Research Collaborative, the Institute on Race and Justice and the Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have questions about the department or information you would like to share with us.

Wish best wishes,

Matthew O. Hunt, Ph.D.
Department Chair